What to pack on your leadership journey?

mountain path

Leadership is not a destination, but a life long journey. I have come to realize that leadership is really more about discovering your life’s purpose to be the best person you can be in order to positively influence others. Leaders are not born, but they are becoming one. It’s about growing and cultivating the best version of ourselves. Continue reading

How to win a customer for a life time?


In almost every business, the common objective is to make money. Many business owners and new entrepreneurs are tempted to focus on that.  But the best indication of a successful business in the long run comes from building great relationships with customers so they keep coming back for more. Loyalty is the name of the game! Continue reading

Three ways to become a customer service champion!


Throughout my career in the hospitality business, I came across some really great people. People who want to serve and committed to excellent customer service. Customer service was part of their DNA. They became customer service champions.  They display relentless passion toward taking care of people and exceeding the customer expectation every time.  Continue reading