Excellence is an attitude.

Recently, I had an opportunity to watch Horst Schulze (The former president of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company)  giving a speech about caring service and leadership. The speech took place as part of Liberty University’s “You matter” campaign encouraging employees to provide superb customer service and taking care of their community.

He said something rather interesting. Schulze said, ““You don’t go to work to work- you go to work to create excellence and be with our friends.” In other words, we go to work to create something beautiful together. We want to create dream-like experiences to our external customers as well as our internal customers. Unfortunately more and more people feel they have to work instead of going into something you can passionately create, taking pride in your hard work and dedication.  

Nini that works in our Banquets Department is such a person that goes to work to create excellence.  Working in the hotel banquets area is a lot of small details to perfections for our client’s events. It requires on going communication with the client on site while organizing for their big gatherings. Sometimes we also have the pleasure of creating the magic for newly- weds at our hotel. Talk about memorable experiences-The one night that stays with the romantic couple is a great opportunity to create excellence and leave a wow impression forever.

Recently, we had a big a conference for restaurant owners at our hotel. Hundreds of people came to re-energize and strategize to take their business to the next level. I had the opportunity to watch Nini take pride in her work. Her approach to working with the client on such big event in the hotel was a process of on- going communication to ensure the client is satisfied all the way to the end.  I noticed Nini in work diligently to the small details without complaining. Her attitude came across as I am grateful for the opportunity, “I am excited to be here for my clients.” An attitude that says,” I am here at your service and I really look forward to create excellence.”
At the end of the week, I can tell the event became a success due to those little small interactions with the client from our Banquets Department.  But Nini was the person who had the servant heart to go that extra step to ensure the client needs at every request. She had the ability to anticipate their needs to make it seamless and beautiful for the client. Nini created excellence in her work and also made new friends.

Often times, people wait for something to make them feel good about work. The wait for “right moment” to really make a difference.  I think it’s a decision you make at the beginning of each day. Do you want to create a meaningful connection with people and as a result make a positive difference in how you feel about going to work every day?
Creating excellence begins with self- leadership. Anthony Robbins said, “It’s not what we get, but who we become and what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives.”  Our lives become more meaningful when we put our hearts into our own creations.  If we want to create beautiful lives, we have to be the artists to paint the daily memories for other people.

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