sweat the small stuff!

“Small things make perfection but perfection is not a small thing“. 

The magic behind every outstanding performance, exceptional meal, and a fine piece of furniture, jewelry or clothing is always found in the small details. Customer loyalty is built on the small; seemingly insignificant details repeated perfectly everyday to create an unforgettable excellent experience. 
The Myers family picked our hotel this past weekend to have their B’Nai Mitzvah gathering. Family and friends from all over the United States came to join the special moment for Jack and Jessica Myers. 
B’Nai Mitzvah is the Bar-Mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah happening together on the same day. Bar Mitzvah occurs when a Jewish boy becomes 13 years of age and it symbolizes a rite of passage from being considered unable to properly understand the Torah (Jewish Bible) to being considered old enough to begin to understand. Bat Mitzvah occurs to a Jewish girl at the age of 12. The boys and girls alike are to be treated more like adults.  Reaching the age of bar/bat mitzvah signifies becoming a full-fledged member of the Jewish community with the responsibilities that come with it. These include moral responsibility for own actions, eligibility to be called to read from the Torah.

I had the pleasure meeting the parents of Jack and Jessica Myers on Friday as they were a little nervous preparing to host their big family for this special event in Jack and Jessica’s life. They wanted everything to perfection. Every little detail would make an impact on their family from the moment they arrive to the last guest departure.
We ensured the Welcome bags are ready for every check in with the family-a nice Welcome Texas treat with the weekend itinerary for each guest. It sure made everyone feels very welcome with little Texasflavor to start the weekend. As family members were checking in, I was helping with several reservations for Paul Myers (the grandfather of Jack and Jessica). He wanted to use his Marriott Reward points to take care of the room but did not get a chance to do so before he left for the trip. “No problem Mr. Myers, I will take care of it for you right now and ensure it won’t cause a delay.” I immediately called our rep at Marriott Elite members support to help expedite the process so that Mr. Myers is ready to settle in with the rest of the family in the hotel. We solved it within couple of minutes as Mr. Myers had several reservations under his name and he was very pleased with the quick response. “Thank you Tal, you have been very helpful.”
The next day, it was another great opportunity to connect with the rest of the family.  People flew in for the weekend and we wanted to make them feel right at home. Our team had a chance to engage with friends and family by getting to know everyone and giving a little bit of our warm southern hospitality.
During the day, most of the time was in the synagogue for the Bnai Mitzvah services as the boy is called up to read from the weekly portion of the Law (five books of Moses). He may also give a d’var Torah (a discussion of some Torah issue, such as a discussion of that week’s Torah portion) and/or lead part or all of the prayer services.
Later in the evening, the parents had tried to use our computer in the hospitality suite, but unfortunately we had a technical issue with the computer and they needed to print a list of attendees for their gathering at local restaurant for almost 200 people. They needed to thank everyone who came for the event and celebrate their children Bnai Mitzvah. I suggested our business center to help the parents but yahoo email seem to take a long time so I needed to act quickly with a better solution. I offered my computer to have them just get into their Yahoo email to print their list. Within couple of minutes “mission” was accomplished to their satisfaction. Just in time!
These small moments of truth with our customers may seem unimportant at times but they add up to a memorable experience. If we didn’t take care of those small details, the customers have enough reasons not to come back. We have to start with the end in mind. How can we create the experiences that customers would come back in the future?
  • Every moment counts-Make it memorable by being personable. Engage with the customer to find out more about them.
  • Pay attention to what matters most to them. What is on their agenda?
  • Follow up with the solutions as they will appreciate your efforts.

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