Are you a Bravo Performer

“You can earn more when you do more. You can charge more when you provide more. You can have more when you give more.” Mark Sanborn

Sometimes when we go to a concert or a show, we are moved by the performance and the artist that we begin to clap, cheer and yell,”Bravo!”-wanting to see the artists perform one more act. These Bravo experiences make us feel good and we are craving more and more.

Our world is looking for people who produce Bravo experiences-people who make a positive impact on others. These performers are indispensable to our world.

As employees and managers, our performance can make our team better, execute a project together, spark creativity, and delight customers. We don’t have to be a singer, a musician or an actor to create a Bravo performance. However, each one of us performs at an office, an assembly line, a classroom, a playing field, a home, a showroom or a hospital. Do you show up as a performer?

When we create excellence for our customers and employees, they want to come back for more. We made a positive difference in their life. They want to come back for more. But what created the Bravo effect in those interactions with our customers and employees?


Bravo performance begins with our passion to serve. It begins with our intention and energy to provide uplifting memorable service. When we have passion, people are excited to be around us. We take positive actions toward helping another customer or another colleague.  It goes beyond just showing up for work and completing your projects. Passionate people make their performance and interactions memorable beyond the tangibles. We are captivated by their actions and how they go about doing it.

So discover what your passion is. When you discover what drives you, you will begin to notice a value in your abilities that adds value to your team performance and customer loyalty. They would ask for more of your services and more of who you are as a person because you made a difference in their day. When people are excited about you and what you have done for them, the opportunities for growth are endless.

There are no boring jobs, only people who perform them. Authenticity helps us connect better so we can give Bravo experiences to those we serve. Authenticity helps us stay real and true to our unique experiences with our customers and employees. Think about your favorite musician or movie. They came across very real and authentic in their performance that could not be duplicated somewhere else.  You probably wished it never ended and wanted to listen more or watch more. By being unique and original you ignite the customer interest and delight to come back for more memorable experiences.

Take time to reflect and make adjustments to your performance. It’s all about fine tuning and polishing our acts. We are work in progress. Bravo performances take time and the ability to go back and make modifications of the things that didn’t go well. It doesn’t mean we can’t overcome a bad performance. It means we also have to listen closely to the audience and understand how we can grow.

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