The test of our character

What defines our character?
Our character is defined by the most difficult trials we face. It’s our finest hour. Whatever is truly inside us is revealed.

We either face the challenges directly or we ran away from them hoping it will change overtime. 

Our character is built inside our soul in order to gather up strength to meet those challenges. It’s not what’s in front of us that matter but what’s inside each of us that determines the power of our character.  Adversity is a moment of transformation to our souls to make a humble sacrifice.

The path to true leadership requires courage to take the initiative to make good things happen. By taking initiative, we are making a choice. Leadership is not a position but a choice. Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” So, we have to approach our problems with a healthy constructive mindset. But it takes character to confront our most trying times.

Character is an inside job. When we begin to guide our internal light, our faith to serve, we begin look at ourselves first. If we want everything around us to get better, we have to get better. Don’t look for others to change and don’t look for easy short cuts. Our ability to improve things around us will always depend on our ability to change ourselves because we are never at a point of perfection in life. We are work in-progress.

Our trials unlock our character virtues.  They reveal to us who we really are at the most crucial moments. The obstacles and difficulties we face are the stumbling blocks for our spiral of growth. Without them, we go through life without changing and growing.

The test of character is part of our true development as human beings. When we face adversity, character builds us. Character molds us. 

It’s the foundation of which our human soul is renewed through the tough encounters. We begin to discover our true path to a better self. Life is about becoming, instead of arriving. We must embrace and commit to character building because we are designed to handle the difficulties of life. Wisdom is not given but earned.

Our future is depended on the development of our character because it polishes our sacred spiritual heart. It brings us good things. It brings us experiences we cherish and remember for a life time.                          

What can Leaders do?

Leaders can serve better by being a light, instead of a judge. Leaders must model the way and set the example. We show our character in the small things of life-small acts of sacrifices to serve each other. Leaders understand the small gestures of service. 

It’s not what we’ll do tomorrow that counts, but what we do today that makes an impact for years to come. Make a decision to make a positive difference today. 

These acts of service come from our heart to awaken the spirit of reciprocity in our relationships. It’s not what we get, but what we contribute to a meaningful synergy.

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