The Three most powerful phrases

“The most important things are the hardest things to say.” Stephen King

Communication has taken a whole new meaning over the last few years. Technology amplified the ways we communicate with each other. 

Think about the resources we use almost daily to communicate with other people-Text-messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Skype has taken communication to a 24-hour non-stop flow of small interactions between one another. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, we find a way to communicate more than ever before.

With all the technology available for us to communicate, we must remember it’s not about the quantity but the quality of our communication. If we take the time to communicate our message as a meaningful dialogue beyond the tools we use, we will have a chance to improve the quality of our communication.

I thought about some of the words we use to communicate in our daily connections. Which ones are more meaningful and important for everyone to connect?

“I need you”
Each person we meet has the potential to share with us something unique and valuable.  We sometimes need to ask for help and direction from other people. John Wooden, the legendary college basketball coach said,” It’s what you learn after you know it all, that counts.”  When we ask and communicate to people we need them, we communicate we trust them with our heart. We co-create together when we say we need someone in our life. “I need you” is an invitation to personal development with others. It’s a way for each one of us to connect on a path that we are still learning. We are still growing and developing as human beings. Greatness can never be achieved alone.

“I appreciate you”
If we really want to communicate value in our relationship, we must acknowledge the importance of each person we interact with. We need to let them know how much we appreciate their contribution and efforts to make a difference.  Words of appreciation sometimes can be undervalued. We tend to assume the other person understood our gratitude. Saying the words “thank you” is not the same as “I appreciate you.” When we communicate appreciation and gratitude, we are directing the unique value in each person contribution. Voltaire, the French philosopher said, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

“I am sorry”
The ability to apologize requires us to communicate something we did wrong.  Sometimes, we need to take the time to communicate our shortcomings. The words “I am sorry”, means we truly reflected on our conduct and want to make it up. It’s hard to express those words, but we need to start with empathy and understanding of the other person’s point of view. Being sorry is a great way to recognize we are all imperfect. It makes our soul pure with our human hearts. It shows our efforts in wanting to be in relations with others when things don’t go well. 

5 thoughts on “The Three most powerful phrases

  1. Stephen King was wise because important things are hard to say, but they are necessary for success. And these are great examples of the important words that make a difference in our lives.

  2. These are great phrases for both our business and our personal lives. I can bet a lot more customers would come back and personal relationships would be a saved if people could just say these three phrases.

  3. Fantastic. I especially think that these should be printed and posted in the office of every manager out there. Too many take their people for granted. We think that our people should just feel giddy that they have a job and that's that.

    The truly great organizations understand that it's not the building they're in or the equipment they have, but the people who serve that makes them who they are. What better way to prove that than by telling your people those three phrases that truly mean the most.

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