What is the best gift you can give someone?

“The best gift you can give someone is yourself-
by giving someone your ear, your hand and your heart.” 
Rick Collins

As part of my preparation last week to deliver customer service training, I looked for stories that I could share as an example to drive home the message of great customer service to our associates.

I came across a story that made me think about my customer service and our team. 

The story was about Rick Collins who achieved the Marriott Award of Excellence.
The Marriott Awards of Excellence were established to recognize the “best of the best” at Marriott. This year, Rick was one of the eight associates who got selected demonstrating the hotel company core values of service. 
The Award of Excellence is presented each year to a select few that demonstrate over a period of time the traits of achievement, character, dedication, effort and perseverance.
I became intrigued with Rick Collins story because he was not a manager. He is the guest service associate at the Courtyard Nashville Downtown. Working at the front desk, Rick became a respected leader in the hotel and the Marriott brand. He is always ready and willing to serve the guest. 

Taking care of the guest was only one element of Rick Collin’s Job. As I read his story, I realized that his mission was to make each person around him better. Although, Rick has faced health issues in the last 14 years, he found the time to coach and mentor his trainees by helping them realize their potential in going above and beyond for the guests.

He takes the time to connect with everyone on his team by encouraging and training them to succeed at their job. He trained almost every employee who works at the front office department and continue to provide support when needed.
So as I learned more about Rick’s service to the guest and his team, I wrote down some pointers to help me discuss it in my training.
What can we learn from Rick’s excellent gifts?
  • He makes it his personal mission to put a smile on the face of every team member.
  • Each one of us can help listen, care and give our heart to someone.
  • Taking team members under his wing. Helping them to settle-in to the front office department and guest needs.
  • Rick is always looking for ways to serve others.
  • He feels like the hotel staff is his family. Rick says, “Why wouldn’t I love to help my family.”
  • Rick “Puts People First.”

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