Three Signs of a Positive Leader

Many of us take a moment to reflect back on our day. We ask ourselves, “did we make a difference today?” but the real question should be-“Did you make a positive difference today?” As leaders, we need to remember that leadership is taking people where they are and taking them on the journey of development and potential growth.

One of the primary things that people are looking for in their work experience is whether they are part of something meaningful and positive.  Leaders have the responsibility to create a positive environment for their people. It’s a win-win situation for both the leader and the people. If your leadership is positive and enriching, it will make an impact on how relationships and the company culture will thrive in the long run.
So what are the signs of a positive leader?

Positive communication

Positive leaders foster positive communication throughout the organization by reaching out to the people and sharing performance goals in an engaging way. Leaders can do that in couple of ways. First, by making sure there is a 360 degree feedback process in your organization. It’s a process that builds on the power of positive feedback by helping individuals support and mentor their performance on a daily basis. 

It’s a process of ongoing dialogue and a two-way communication system that allows people to share observations in a constructive engaging way. Some of the characteristics of positive communication can be encouragement and acknowledgment of the potential each one of us brings to the table. Sometimes leaders wait to communicate with their people only when things go wrong in their organization. Positive communication does not ignore poor performance but proactively seek to ensure the expectations are set in motion before anything else happens.

Positive Meaning

When people feel they are part of something bigger than themselves, the better the performance is in many organizations.  Sometimes leaders take it for granted that everyone can contribute regardless of the work environment. They assume everyone is self-motivated.  A positive leader understands the importance of a meaningful working environment for his team. 

Leaders can shape the culture of their teams by sharing important values that are all part of why we are all here. Leaders can ask, “What is our mission together?”  Or “How can our daily interactions become part of who we are as people, as humans that make a better organization?” “What is our calling together?” Identifying a higher purpose of our work can sustain better service to our customers because we want to be more generous and take care of our business the right way.

Positive Relationships

Positive relations in our organization are the foundation of excellent performance. Without positive relationships, we can’t accomplish very much as team. Relationships can be positive when we recognize that everyone has a unique strength that helps the overall performance of the organization.  Positive leaders can take immediate action to really develop the trust and empathy with each team member. This is a great opportunity to help people with better accountability and build an environment where everyone is appreciated for their thoughts and who they are as people who make a difference.

One thought on “Three Signs of a Positive Leader

  1. This is fantastic! It's right up there on the list of priorities for any manager wanting to create more engaged, more effective, happier team members.

    It's also the secret to job and life satisfaction. Have I done good today? Do I feel proud of the work I've accomplished?

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