Do you lead with your heart?

“Leadership must be based on goodwill. It means sincere and wholehearted commitment to serving others. We need leaders that are men of the heart .” Admiral James B. Stockdale

Great leaders serve with their hearts. They understand the value of service to others. Leaders who lead with their heart are very special to another person. Leaders with a heart, invest in their people as it supports an effective potential for growth.

What are some of the characteristics of a leader with a heart?

They genuinely like people

Leaders who have a heart must be interested in people. They genuinely care and reach out to get to know each person on a personal level. They get their energy and inspiration from the people they meet through sincere conversations and create an emotional bond with another person. Leaders attract other people by their sense of being genuine with others.

They take action when needed

Leaders are action-oriented. They are constantly moving forward to improve the status quo. Once their vision is articulated and shared with the team, action is critical to make things happen quickly. They also inspire other people to take action as part of everyone’s contribution to the whole.

They are empathetic

Leaders who have a heart, want to understand people better. They want to understand people’s struggles and personal longings to uplift people’s spirits. Empathy is a great way to heal and connect as we build relationships with other people. Leaders who have a heart, care enough to feel and listen for a meaning.

They want to help

Leaders who have a heart, really have a deep desire to help other people. On this level, leaders create significance bigger than themselves. As leaders, they want to help in any possible way. It’s a great moment to build credibility as leaders and roll-up our sleeves to be there and offer assistance to the team.

They anticipate Needs

Leaders who have a heart, always look ahead and try to anticipate the needs of other people. By anticipating people’s needs, leaders create an environment of treating everyone as a loyal internal customer. Anticipating is a great way to exceed everyone’s expectations on your team.

They take time to listen

Leader who have a heart, make a commitment to their teams by taking time to listen. Listening helps people discover who they are in a way that encourages everyone to be heard. Everyone has a voice and leaders continuously cultivate and seek feedback from others as an integral part of a team development.

They serve others

Leaders who have a heart, put other people first. They are here to take care of their people’s needs before theirs. They serve by modeling the way as they continuously adding value to their people and add more significance to their lives.
“Leaders should influence others. In such a way that it builds people up, encourages and educates them so they can duplicate this attitude in others.”  Bob Goshen

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