How leaders create shared meaning

It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.” Tony Robbins
Humans have a great need for relationships and meaningful lives. We seek to connect with each other to discover more meaningful connections. People everywhere are longing for new ways to work together as a collaborative community.
As leaders, we need to find ways to help people contribute, create and care about each other. Leaders have to find the passion in the best of each person they lead. We need to invite people to greatness. 

How do we create organizations that welcome people’s creativity, contribution and caring?
We live in a world of continuous change. Human creativity and commitment to innovation is critical to a competitive edge. Leaders must encourage people to get engaged with meaningful issues to bring solutions to problems. 

Leaders have to find out what people in their organizations are talking about and spend their energy on. By listening and taking part in these conversations, leaders can re-energize the creative spirit of every individual on their team to solve problems.
Everyone matters. Everyone can make a contribution. Sometimes when we think of contribution, we underestimate the small meaningful part people have in our organization. We may not notice because the person is not recognized in the company’s newsletter or the person does not lead a large group. The truth is, everyone makes small difference in someway to serve the entire whole.
Leaders must go out of their way to recognize these small contributions people make. A great way to recognize is practicing management by walking around. You will begin to notice the small efforts everyone makes on a daily basis.
Leaders must find ways  to engage in the intentional search for human goodness. Leaders can find ways to create new ways of working together for more harmonious relationships. It’s a great opportunity that supports teams, foster collaboration and more participative processes. 

We need to know that our work can contribute to helping everyone on our team. When people feel cared for, their stress is reduced  and they contribute more to the organization.
The way to create this harmonious participative culture, is by showing we care. We must show understanding and try to relate in some way to encourage more feedback to all people. 

People share more when they feel cared for by their leader.

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