Leadership Conversations

“Share what you care about and stop telling people why they should change. Start talking about what is important to you and your team. Be honest; speak from your heart.” Richard H. Axelrod

Enormous amount of money is spent every year by companies on leadership development. Many companies and managers assume these programs will “fix’ their leadership challenges without a strong implementation on a daily basis.  I believe that daily leadership communication is at the core of what needs changing in leadership development.

We can add value to leaders by showing the value of teamwork through leadership conversations. As leaders, if we want a culture of collaboration and partnership, we need to experience our dialogue with one another on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of Leadership Conversations?

A great way to increase and foster more trusting relationships with others is through daily leadership conversations. These conversations are open, honest and constructive to help people find a two-way feedback loop.
Every leadership conversation cannot be a monologue. Too often leaders assume they have the right perspective and by being open and honest, they forget there is another person in front of them that can be as open and honest and share great things.

Leadership conversations should be about what’s going right and how can we grow better from our experiences

Often times, leaders underestimate the power of positive and encouraging communication with their teams. People need more hope and more than anything else; people want to hear the music of positive language in their life.
Many people are hungry for encouragement and a pad on the back. We sometimes thrive on negative news that we really need to try to fulfill people’ lives with positive news and a fresh perspective for their future.

Leadership conversations are not always warm and fuzzy. However, they are completing a full circle when we share accountability for our actions.  Leadership is about responsibility as much as growth and development of our team. We cannot lead effectively without taking personal accountability for our results and actions. These conversations reveal the inside victories we all need to become a better person and a better leader. It helps everyone take a better perspective to evolve as a leader and become someone that is open to learning.
The future

Often times we like to dwell on the past and the current situation in almost everything we do. Leaders can lead better discussions and engage through a meaningful dialogue about the future with their teams.
You will be amazed as a leader as you will begin to understand and listen to your team perspectives. The leadership conversation is all about taking the collective journey to shape the future together with other people.

Create a better future not only for yourself and the company but also for your people.

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