Are you communicating or connecting with others?

With the increase use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs, we are bombarded with thousands of messages every single day.  
Our world is cluttered with words all day long as we receive and send messages to the people around us. 
We seem to communicate more than any other time in history by the resources available to us. 
But are we communicating or connecting?
When we connect with other people, we not only feel more human, we are able to do greater things than we could have done alone. We move beyond the isolation of office cubicles and gated communities to unite with others on many levels. The days when we could do our own thing and it was ok are long gone. Even simple mechanical procedures require connection to be effective.
Great communication and leadership are all about connecting. Your ability to communicate and connect with others is a crucial factor in reaching your leadership potential. To be a successful leader, you must work with others. And to do that, you must do more than just communicate—you must connect.
As leadership expert John C. Maxwell says, “Everyone communicates but few connect.” Connecting is everything when it comes to meaningful relationships.
Connection is part of the human condition we cannot ignore. We were born to connect and interrelate with other people on a higher level. When we meet new people, we seek to connect with them and try to find something in common with the other person by sharing our stories to learn more about each other.
Connection increases trust
When we connect, we build trust, and when we build trust, we are able to be open to new possibilities. When connection increases, trust increases. Connecting people to each other is the foundation for team synergy. Without connections, teams don’t exist. The more I get to know about you, the more I can trust you.
When I trust you, I am more willing to work with you and take risks. As we work together we learn more about our strengths and weaknesses. In the process of working together, I learn that you are reliable and that I can count on you for support, then trust increases further and our relationship deepens.
Connection helps relationships
Connection is the key to any successful relationship. If you can connect with others at every opportunity whether it is one-on-one or in groups, your relationships will be much stronger.  Your ability to create teamwork increases as you increase your leadership positive connection with others.
Relationships are more trustworthy and open when there is a connection there. The small connections every day can be very meaningful and insightful as we grow and mature in our relations to each other. 
Connecting leads to better understanding because when you connect, you listen attentively and care for the other person’s story as it was your own.
Connection helps your growth as a leader
Connecting is vital for any person who wants to achieve personal growth. It is essential for anyone who wants to continue building and sustain great relationships. You will only be able to reach your leadership potential when you really learn to make the effort to connect with other people. 
If you are going to connect and grow as a leader, you need to understand yourself and others better. Great leaders focus on other people needs and aspirations. When people know you care about them and understand them, it makes a lasting connection.
Before you can communicate with anybody, you need to care for them and empathize with them. Connection helps make that leap from being a good communication to a great one.
How do you connect with others?

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