How to Develop a Winning Team

Business Executives Running in a Race

Winning teams rarely happen by chance or luck. Winning teams are the result of on-going commitment of several individuals to rise above their own agenda and become a strong collaborative unit. Team unity doesn’t happen overnight and bound to change ever so often. One of the biggest challenges every leader is facing is to keep a unified team to meet the promises made to shareholders, customers, and employees. Continue reading


Are you a coachable leader?


Leadership is a two-way street. As we are developing our leadership skills, we need to remember that feedback and difficult conversations are welcomed from the people around us.

True leadership requires open and regular collaboration between leaders and the people they lead. Leaders must encourage everyone to regularly ask questions. Leadership from the heart  fosters open communication that encourages people to freely bring up conversations that elevate our leadership game. Continue reading

How great leaders master change


“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have — and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.” –James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo (1994)

We live in a world filled with challenges. Changes are coming even faster and with greater impact than ever before. However, history provides us with valuable information on how to navigate better to face these changes.

Change agents have to be leaders. Changes are driven by leaders who have a platform to support for a new direction and the ability to reward those who embrace it.  Change agents don’t lead change because it’s the right thing to do or change is necessary. They lead change because they believe their organization needs to get ahead as times change and new competition emerges. Continue reading

The three A’s of Leadership-The keys that open us

Leadership is experienced differently by each of us. But leadership is always expressed in relational terms as we begin to widen the circle of leadership around us for future generations. 
We begin to build those leadership relationships by working on adding positive values as we engage to learn more about each other’s unique contributions. As leaders, each one of us brings an exceptional set of values to enhance our dialogue and meaningful leadership discussions.  

Are you creating an authentic dialogue?

One of the essentials of authentic leadership is the power of authentic dialogue. 
Authentic dialogue begin to happens when the leader value the web of relationships in any environment. 
Authentic leaders thrive on opportunities to connect in a meaningful conversation to foster a greater collaboration and diverse perspectives within their teams.The authentic leader has a sincere open mind to the wide range of generational views presented to them on a daily basis.