Are you creating an authentic dialogue?

One of the essentials of authentic leadership is the power of authentic dialogue. 
Authentic dialogue begin to happens when the leader value the web of relationships in any environment. 
Authentic leaders thrive on opportunities to connect in a meaningful conversation to foster a greater collaboration and diverse perspectives within their teams.The authentic leader has a sincere open mind to the wide range of generational views presented to them on a daily basis.
Working collaboratively always brings better results than working competitively. When people don’t work together to share results, the organization becomes more about self-interest which can potentially derail moral and performance in the long run.
Authentic leaders who have the courage to invite authentic dialogue are more effective. Of course, disagreements and conflicts are unavoidable in the process. But when you insist on a professional environment that reward and recognizes different point of views, everybody wins.
How can we use the power of authentic dialogue at work and in our personal lives?
“Dialogue and education for peace can help free our hearts from the impulse toward intolerance and the rejection of others.” Daisaku Ikeda
Focus on what matters
As a leader it’s important to keep your team focused on what really matters. Are you engaging the conversations that invite insightful ideas to make things better? Are those conversations going anywhere or just chit chat? Intention is the key in this stage. You have to ask yourself, what is our intention and mission of our dialogue. In other words, “what are we trying to achieve together?”
Speak your heart and mind
When engaging in authentic dialogue, you need to have a servant heart. Authentic leaders must communicate in a genuine way that speaks from their heart. It’s about asking “how may I serve the people I am with”? This is where integrity comes into to play. You need to encourage honesty and real feedback from everyone. As you speak and communicate candidly, everyone will appreciate the source of your thoughts as they come from an authentic place of your heart and soul.
Listen together for insights and deeper questions
Another aspect of authentic dialogue that sometimes gets underestimated is the connection on a deeper level for understanding and reflection. As leaders we have to encourage an open dialogue that embraces a learning mindset for everyone. It means listening intently to other perspectives and reflecting deeply on everyone contribution. The question every leader should ask here is-“What am I going to learn today?” Let me sit back and ponder on what I am hearing today.”
Link and connect ideas
Last and not least is our ability as authentic leaders to connect the dots of ideas and create an environment where everyone point of view is part of the whole. We are a team of ideas. One person’s idea is never enough to take us to a higher level of collaboration and success. By connecting everyone’s idea, we take a further step toward collective leadership. It takes courage and humility to honor everyone’s point of view because the power of authentic dialogue starts and ends when you respect others as human beings.
 “In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change.”Thích Nhat Hanh

2 thoughts on “Are you creating an authentic dialogue?

  1. I completely agree with the points you make, one area I would comment on is your focus is very much from an emotional perspective. Some personality styles are very uncomfortable with an emotional discussion in the workplace and prefer to focus on the rational perspective.

    I would like I will link to your post but also add some insights from my perspective to allow the personality styles that are more logical and rational to also benefit from your key points.

    Thanks for the article
    Team Building Coach

  2. Lynn-Thank you so much for your feedback and the topic your surfacing is another topic in itself 🙂 but feel free to use my thoughts and points. I welcome that. Thank you for continuing the conversation.

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