How to Develop a Winning Team

Business Executives Running in a Race

Winning teams rarely happen by chance or luck. Winning teams are the result of on-going commitment of several individuals to rise above their own agenda and become a strong collaborative unit. Team unity doesn’t happen overnight and bound to change ever so often. One of the biggest challenges every leader is facing is to keep a unified team to meet the promises made to shareholders, customers, and employees.

  • Winning teams are filled with people who recognize the opportunity to be a positive force in any situation.
  • Winning teams create experiences that demonstrate caring about one another.
  • Winning teams have a spirit of cooperation that the better each person perform, the better the team does.
  • Winning team is unified by sharing a common dream.
  • Winning teams help fulfill social and emotional needs leading to a greater well-being.

As leaders how do we develop the best teams?


Synergy is difficult to describe. It’s something that we feel inside when are a part of a winning team. Everything seems to click and flow the right way. We seem to know each other well enough to understand that all of us can do more than each of us can do alone.

Synergy is the bonus that is earned by working together harmoniously. It moves the team closer to the dream. On a winning team, synergy is an amazing boost toward a common goal.


Without cooperation we are isolated and work on our own thing.  Cooperation seeks to unit people instead of dividing them.  On a losing team, competition seems to overrule team work for the benefit of an individual recognition. However, when we are cooperating we are competing as group of people to tackle the challenges of the day together. The winning teams emphasize that the better each person performs the better the team performs together. The better the team does, the better I do myself on the team. Cooperation is the action and the feeling of WE.

Focusing on what’s right with each other

Losing teams dwell on the shortcomings and mistakes of their team mates. Team mates quick to spot what’s wrong with each other. Winning team on the other hand spot the unique positive strengths, qualities and contributions in each team mate. They have faith in each other. They communicate they believe in each other. When people believe in us, we perform on a higher level as we get inspired by an awareness of positivity and uplifting motivation around you.

Face challenges together as a team

Winning teams have a mindset that says-“We are not frustrated by setbacks.” They welcome adversity together as a strong minded people. Winning teams proceed as if problems have solutions. They have an odor of optimism about them. When given the opportunity to raise the bar and set new goals, they consume all the energies on finding options to tough problems. They accept change as part of the growth and development of a great team.

Winning teams understand that every person has to focus on the efforts to reinforce each person’s efforts to stretch, improve, learn and progress.

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