The rise of the “non-titled” Leaders


Do you ever wonder sometimes why people without a title or a position in your organization do what they do? What is their inspiration to go the extra mile? We always hear about people who go above and beyond but yet they are not a manager or an executive of a company.

George Mcgovern once said, “The longer the title, the less important of a job.” The acid test of leadership is if you had no title or a position, could anyone be inspired to follow you?  Everyone has the opportunity to lead every day. Leadership is an attitude. It’s your attitude toward life and the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Whether you are a bank teller, a cashier, a sales person or a manager-each one of us can have a positive influence with our customers, our colleagues, friends and our family. No matter where you are, you have the power to show leadership.

A title doesn’t really define who we are as people. Our leadership is defined through the actions and the results we achieve by leading others. Ask someone to describe an act of leadership and they will share with you a memorable story of making a difference in the world.

Influence and inspiration comes from who the person’s attitude, not the title or the position in the organization. You can have the best resume in the world, but without showing the impact and the positive results you have achieved with your team, companies will continue the search for someone who made and would make a difference.

So what characteristics leaders without a title have in common? What drives them?

They strive to make things better

Leaders have a passion and drive to make things better for the people they lead. They wake up every morning with an attitude of-“How can I improve something today? How can I help someone today?” Their inspiration is always focused on solving problems, thinking creatively how to add value through their on-going contribution. Leaders realize the extraordinary impact they have on others and the world they help create.

They feel empowered to share their abilities, skills and competence to help their organizations get the competitive edge. In a nut shell-they truly care to make things happen wherever they are.

They show commitment to excellence

Leaders are reliable and dependable. They understand people follow their lead and they will need to honor the commitments they made. They are dedicated individuals and have a relentless commitment to raise the bar every single day. They are hungry to nurture and motivate the people to a higher elevated performance.

Their commitment is to leading. Not taking any short cuts of thinking tomorrow will be a better day. Their commitment to excellence is shown by coming in to work early and staying later as needed. Their leadership is made in the extra dedication to a project or just providing extra comfort and support to a colleague, friend or a family member.

They assume personal responsibility

Leaders have an internal compass that directs them to reflect on problems by taking personal responsibility for the challenges they face. They don’t spend hours and hours on end blaming other people for the issues presented to them. They are problem solvers and must move beyond the blame game to accountability within the group they lead.

They lead by example as they take responsibility for the mistakes made. By taking responsibility, a leader has made a leadership choice to become a change agent for the better.

Leaving a legacy and creating significance

Great leaders leave a positive finger print wherever they are. Their impact is felt and talked about for years to come. They live a life that maximizes their potential by inspiring other people to make significance.

They can look back and say-“I lived a great life, I lived to my potential and I inspired someone to make a difference.”

The inner leader is inside of each of us. Let’s make a positive difference todayJ

“Leadership isn’t a mysterious art practiced by a select few. It is the daily response of every man and woman who wishes to make a difference in the world and it a little bit better place as a result of their efforts.” Mark Sanborn

5 thoughts on “The rise of the “non-titled” Leaders

  1. Taj, i love this article. I discovered that I can make a difference as an ordinary human being every single day of my life. Every single interaction I have with people. Who I am is altering life in every conversation.

  2. Articles on leadership are always an interesting read. I would classify this one as “feel good’. We all would like to believe that we go through life being great leaders, raising the bar, going the extra mile etc. However, in my experience, we first have to decide when to lead and then employ the required focus to ensure outcomes are produced. Leadership is as much about disapointing people as inspiring them.
    John Jugum

  3. Thanks for the inspirational post, it will help me so much in succession planning. However i would like you to send me more discussions on management and leadership.


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