Care and Candor


Companies succeed or fail based upon the integrity and candor of its leaders and employees. If we are to develop the leadership abilities in others, we must accept responsibility of initiating caring, candid conversations with the people we lead.

By having candor:

  • We contribute to our organization success.
  • We place premium on integrity.
  • We lead people instead of managing them.

I firmly believe that people can improve their attitudes and their abilities. I make the efforts as a leader to talk to them about where they’re coming up short.  If you’re a leader and you want to help people, you need to be willing to practice candor. To lead successfully, it is important for you to add value to people. That is foundation of great leadership. Caring for the people you lead demonstrates that you value them.

As a leader who wants to help people improve, you have to be honest with them. You practicing candor in order to help their potential as you believe in their abilities. You initiate the candid conversation as motivation and inspiration to elevate their game. That shows that you value the person’s gifts, and that requires candor because you keeping the lines of communication open.

When leaders practice candor, it demonstrate their leadership abilities. It shows that they can address tough issues and challenges in a caring way. Caring means taking prudent action and maintaining integrity by having a timely, open conversation with the person before a problem will escalate out of control and can have a negative impact on the company culture.

As a leader, what I say can make a large deposit in trust. Under most circumstances, the trust balance with people is the result of numerous small deposits.

The best leaders want an unstoppable flow of ideas, open debate, and constructive conflict.

To cultivate a culture of candor, leaders have to be role model candor in an exaggerated way. Talk about it. Teach its value. Praise it. Most of all, reward it.

Leaders also need to expand conversations across all boundaries and seek honest perspectives concerning how we live integrity through organizational responsibility, personal accountability, and leadership direction.

Candor enables us to listen receptively to other perspectives while engaging in interactive dialogue. Energetic leaders appreciate the contribution of others. They leave their egos at the door, harnessing the power of being secure within themselves while promoting collaboration, and a heightened sense of “team spirit.” Transparency expands the trust, and candor fosters openness.

When you combine Candor and Caring you have winning combination of success. The people you lead are looking forward to your insightful conversations and they know you are acting in their best interests. Meaningful relationships are defined by how people care about one another as they share a common bond that allows each person to become the best they can be.

“You reinforce the behaviors that you reward, If you reward candor, you’ll get it.” Jack Welch former CEO of GE.

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