Why do you want to be a leader?


Leadership isn’t easy. Leadership sometimes isn’t fun. Leadership at times can be lonely. So why do you want to be a leader? Do you want to be a leader because you want an executive office? Do you want to be a leader because you like to be in control? Do you want to be a leader because you want people to respect you?

Mark Sanborn in his book- You don’t need a title to be a leader, said “leadership is not an obligation but an opportunity.” Those who see leadership as an obligation would most likely take their leadership role as a chore instead of an opportunity to serve and add value to people.

Great leaders feel they have plenty of opportunities to make a positive difference every single day no matter where they are. They don’t moan and complain about their leadership opportunities.

Many people feel like their lives are unchangeable. I believe there are two kinds of people in this world-The ones that are going to make things happen and the ones that are waiting for things to happen.

Leaders like Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, and Martin Luther King Jr. did not wait for things to happen. They made things happen!

You don’t have to wait to be a leader to lead anyone. Start today. Start with yourself. The best leaders are the ones that learned about their own personal leadership first. Begin to examine your values and principles that would serve you and the people you lead for a life time.

Leadership demands meaningful questions:

What’s my passion about leading people?

What is my vision for the world and the life I want to be living? The best way to start is to ask yourself– Why do you want to be a leader? Write your answers on a piece of paper and you will connect with your soul. Take your time and reflect on what matters to you and how you wish to leave a lasting legacy for yourself and others.

Why do you want to help people?

Secondly, and just as important is to ask: Why do you want to help people? If there is one thing that will never change about leadership-it’s about the people. It will always be about people and potential leaders must never forget that. Great leaders have dedicated their lives to helping people succeed. Great leaders have made their life mission about helping and serving people.

I have never met any leader who did not inspire motivated and developed people to be the best they can be. Stephen Covey defined leadership this way

“Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.”

Your mission as a leader is to bring the best in others by helping them, guiding them, mentoring them and celebrate with them.

What is the contribution you want to make?

Finally ask yourself this question today, not tomorrow and not next year-What is the contribution you want to make in your lifetime? No matter what age or what position you are in your life, you never finished contributing. A great leader is someone who is always seeking something higher and better in life.

The next great contribution is always on the horizon. There are challenges every day. People want better solutions. We need to build better relationships, we need to build better companies, we need to serve our communities better, and we need to love our families more. Our most important work and life contributions are always ahead of us.


5 thoughts on “Why do you want to be a leader?

  1. Thanks for sharing it. I agree to it. Trying to keep a leadership role in a daily basis at home and work energizes me to continue my life journey enjoyable.

  2. Tal, I thought about your post. Well done. I want to live out my belief that our life is measured by what we give and not what we get. Just saying that though and I can think of several things I haven’t done. Challenging. Thanks for the post.

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