Are you an Energetic Leader?

The best leaders are contagious. They have a warm caring energy about them that draws people into their mission. They are intentional about creating it. Here are some ways I have found to be a more energetic leader.

Energy is about people everywhere taking initiative and energizing people into action. Whether you lead a project, a customer initiative or leading the team, you need energy and passion to sustain momentum. Continue reading


How Leaders can foster a growth mind-set?


As a leader, do you sometimes fall into the “trap” of a fixed mindset? Do really find yourself venturing out of your comfort zone and take the risks to develop the abilities you are capable of? Continue reading

How great leaders elevate their teams


It takes courage and humility to stand up and be the leader. But no one will follow unless you lead for the right reasons. People are looking for inspiring leaders to help them discover enriching moments and create genuine connections. What does it take for a leader to create more uplifting connections and take their team to a higher level? Continue reading