How Transformational Leaders create a captivating vision


Leadership transformation begins with a compelling vision. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a community leader and even a blogger- you must envision what the future will hold .

A leader must see more than what others see. An essential trait of a leader is the ability to articulate a transformational vision.

Transforming leaders know that crafting and sharing a well-developed vision can change a person, a team, and ultimately, an entire community. When a leader defines the vision and communicates it effectively, others not only see the big picture, but also see how they can contribute to the organization’s mission.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, once said, “People want to be part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something that they’re really proud of, that they’ll fight for, sacrifice for, that they trust.”

People love to feel committed to a shared goal. They want to know that their contributions are valued and important.

Transforming leaders encourage risks, experimenting, and innovating.  Leaders are driven by their vision, and passionately dissatisfied with the status quo. Even when they reach the top of a mountain, they start looking for the next peak to climb.

A key role of a transforming leader is the ability to clearly articulate a shared vision, values, and beliefs in exciting and enthusiastic ways. The passionate leader inspires followers, provides encouragement and enhances enthusiasm. Followers are mobilized for action.

 Here is a blue print of how leaders can create a compelling vision:

Uplifting communication

The vision is first developed through meaningful conversations. To keep the vision alive, it must be repeatedly articulated in many forms. Communicating the vision is key to infusing a shared meaning and purpose.

Transformational leadership happens when the vision is exciting, inspiring, and helps unify both followers and leaders. The communication is a two-way sharing that facilitates the process of elevating the purpose of the shared vision, building relationships, and shaping the future.

Listening deeply

The transforming leader listens fully to understand the perceptions of followers, their needs and concerns. This requires inquisitive questions, giving and receiving feedback, as well as reflective thinking to enhance understanding. These leaders display a willingness to be influenced and to use their understanding to further shape a compelling vision to elevate the shared nature and support of the vision.

Building Relationships

Healthy relationships make it possible to communicate, to influence the shared vision and shape the culture that supports the vision. Shared values are important to the nature of the relationships and facilitate success toward a shared vision.

These relationships cultivate a shared, two-way, mutual, collaborative, and collegial. Transforming leaders tend to be friendly and informal. They treat people as equals, give advice, help and support-give constant encouragement.

Transforming leadership involves relationships in which the leaders and followers are fully engaged with each other in achieving the shared vision for the common goal.

Transforming leaders are sincere, personable and caring. These leaders demonstrate empathy to the needs and interests of others. They enable, empower and challenge followers.

The leader and the people have a mutual relationship that is equitable and considerate, showing genuine concern for others.

4 thoughts on “How Transformational Leaders create a captivating vision

  1. Dear Tal,
    Where do I start, seriously? Where have you been hiding all this time for God sake!
    The unfolding of your talent and potential is superb and I really feel blessed to be part of your journey, truly. You literally gravitate at a level uncommon to many leaders, in your delivery, your care for high impact. I am not saying this lightly as I have been many times in the trenches and with senior managers, in directorship positions… leadership is NOT about a title, you know more than I do as you are exuding confidence, passion, grit, care and impact in what you do. The next step? Perhaps I’ve given myself permission to be on centre stage this year, to live a red carpet life, to offer you a simple but unstoppable advice… never let anyone tell you it is not possible. If others say you are crazy you will know that you are on the right track. Own your power and energy and simply continue… unleash it! I promise you one thing… I will be standing very tall next to you all the time, because there’s never such a thing as luck, luck is what you make out of life. Let’s create art work!
    Appreciate your talent displayed and unleashed!
    Your Canadian friend as you say…

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