Four qualities of an inspiring leader


Inspiring communication can elevate people and communities. It changes the way we feel and take action toward a better future.

The secret to inspiring others is connecting an idea or a vision with a sense of urgency to make a difference. Great leaders leverage their message and story in one way or another to make a connection and compel change.

Leadership is the understanding that everything communicates.

Everything we do or say has an important message to convey, whether you like it or not. 

We can either make choices in advance about what and how you’re going to communicate or react to what others do.

As a leader you need to discover your true message and be crystal clear on your platform for change, vision, and call to action before you start trying to inspire others. It will evolve as you learn, but you can’t lead unless you have a starting point to help focus those important communication values.

 Inspiring Leaders persuade better

Few people care about the “how” until they understand the “why” they are doing what they are being asked to do. People want to understand the benefits and the costs of joining you as leader. What’s in it for them? Or is it all about you? People get inspired when they know why you want to talk about your initiatives and ideas that will improve their lives.

Inspiring Leaders tell powerful stories

Inspiring leaders are great connectors. They communicate through story telling. Facts and figures are not enough to navigate people into a better journey. You must share and relate stories to the heart.

When leaders communicate, the most important thing people want to know is, “Where is your voice?” Why should I listen to you?

Inspiring Leaders welcome feedback

Great leaders take the time to listen deeply. They dig below the surface to help their relationships take a meaningful journey of understanding and trust. The only way you are going to cultivate that is by being open to feedback and let people have a point of view.

Does that mean that there won’t be disagreements? Probably not. However, Inspiring leaders inspire others to share and even sometimes encourage a different point of view.

Some of the most important decisions in our history were made not by one person but opposing views on a particulate topic.

Inspiring Leaders encourage the best in people

When you focus on people’s talents and strengths, you are paving the way for leadership. You are coming from a place that cares and continuously looking out for the best interests of others. Inspiring leaders understand that people have something to offer. They drive and engage in people’s contributions.

When other people flourish and shine, so is the leader. Their success is your success.

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