How leaders can step up and change the world


One of the biggest problem we face today at almost every level is lack of responsibility. We believe that someone else should fix our problems or someone else is the cause of the problem.

When leaders take responsibility and see themselves as the one who can, must and will do something, everything else changes. When we take responsibility, our relationships gets better, our career gets better, our organization gets better and our world gets better.

What would happen if each of one of us would focus on our part in solving something and stepped up to do what we could to change things for the better?

Seeing ourselves as responsible and a catalyst for change requires a mind shift. It’s not to say that there are times in our lives that our happiness and success is influenced by outside sources. However, when we step up and take responsibility, life can be more rewarding and fun.

When we choose to focus on what WE can do and how WE can act, WE are powerful. Victims simply don’t create change. They are not leaders.

Stepping up-claiming your personal power to change thing:

When leaders step up, they see the need and decide that they are the right person to do something about it. They trust themselves to make it happen. There are several leaders stepping up all around us every day.

If each of us begins where we are and does what we can, anything is possible. Pointing to someone else and what they should do is easy and most likes means no one will do anything.

So why don’t we step up and change things? What keeps us from taking the first step to make a difference?

Let me suggest two myths of why leaders don’t step up:

 I am only one person

Many people think they can’t make an impact because they are only one person. They reason by saying, “What impact can one person really have on a company, a community, or a society?”

Fear of Failure

This belongs to the notion of what would if happen if the other person does not change? Or what if all the efforts and initiatives to change don’t make any difference? It screams- “It will not work around here.”

The leadership secrets to stepping up

First-Believe you can change things

Great leaders believe in the power to change by having a vision. It all begins with a compelling vision. A vision of how things can be better and believing they are up to the task to accomplish it. If you want to step up and change things, you first have to believe you can. You have to see a positive future and that you have the power to make a difference. You can create the future.

They take 100% responsibility

When leaders take 100% responsibility and give themselves zero excuses for why they can’t or should act to make things different-everything changes. When leaders take responsibility, they are not looking to anyone else to fix the problem.  They are problem solvers. Willing to ask the hard question-What can we personally do to make things better?

Begin where you are and do what you can

Most people don’t know where to start. They wait for a magic wand to be waived and take action. Begin where you are is having the trust and intuition that even a starting point is critical. You can’t look at the finish line just yet. But you have to show up for the race and get ready to step up.

Leadership is not a position

Each of us in one way or another is a leader. We all have some sort of influence even if we don’t intend to. Choosing to show up in a situation whether at work or community, we are making a statement. We are leading by what we say and how we contribute. Not all leaders are alike. They all come in different shapes and forms, but the one thing attributed to great leaders is that they chose to show up and lead regardless of their title or position.

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