Are you an Energetic Leader?

The best leaders are contagious. They have a warm caring energy about them that draws people into their mission. They are intentional about creating it. Here are some ways I have found to be a more energetic leader.

Energy is about people everywhere taking initiative and energizing people into action. Whether you lead a project, a customer initiative or leading the team, you need energy and passion to sustain momentum.

Signs of Energetic Leadership

Energetic leadership provides the necessary boost for the authentic leader’s journey. 

By being an energetic leader, you not only energize yourself and those around you, but also draw energetic and passionate people toward a relentless vision.

Leaders who don’t display passion and energy might not be able to lead others successfully and efficiently and as a result people might not follow.

Leaders with high level of energy, care about motivating others to share their ideas. They use their influence and communication skills to get the attention of people and motivate them into action.


Create the right environment where talent can perform

Energetic leaders don’t solve problems by themselves. They create an environment where people can perform and where diversity is valued and welcomed. They care as much about feelings as about costs and revenues. They wish to avoid creating organizations that break the soul and spirit, and prefer unleash human potential to the max.

Engage the hearts, minds and, most importantly, the soul

Energetic leaders run teams, communities and families more by values than policies. They encourage outside of the box working practices which allow flexibility on input and clarity on output. Outstanding performance can be then be delivered alongside people’s personal goals and passions. They embrace the notion of play and fun into our daily lives. They build organizations that are worthy of people’s commitment.

Set the organization up for stretch, but design for delivery.

Leaders create tough targets which stretch people in their jobs. They are very clear about what they want people to achieve, hold them accountable for delivery, and spend time on coaching them on way sit can be achieved. But they don’t get in the way or take the work over.

Your energy level as a leader has a bigger impact on your team than you may realize. The great news is that you can be a more energetic leader by becoming more positive and intentional about developing it.

If you don’t think of yourself as a leader, then you are limited in your thinking. Leading is the way we find ways to move people into action, including us. The question is not whether or not we are leaders, but how well we drive positive energy with the people around us. Actions will follow.

4 thoughts on “Are you an Energetic Leader?

  1. My experience is when you love what you do and do what you love, it’s easy to spread not only the love, but radiate energy to those around you!

  2. Sustaining this very necessary energy requires knowing how to manage your Personal Resources – your physical, social, cognitive and emotional energies on a daily basis. I offer some useful strategies on how to understand this process and manage your energies for continued leadership effectiveness in Restore Yourself: The Antidote for Professional Exhaustion. If you read it, I would be very interested to hear what you thought of it.
    Edy Greenblatt, Ph.D.

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