How great leaders communicate and connect


One of the biggest reasons leaders fail is their inability to communicate effectively. Communication goes beyond just sharing information.

When a leader can communicate effectively, there is a connection, synergy, positivity that moves people into action. People feel the momentum that the leader brings through his or her passion for a better future.

The ability to speak is not the same thing as communicating and connecting with people. How many times have you heard someone just talk on and on, but at the end of the conversation, you felt the person just wanted to hear themselves talk?

Communicating effectively takes effort and humility.

You have to be great connector and a great listener. It can be done if we are willing to make a conscious choice to connect with other people.

A lot of people think communication is sharing information. In other words, there is a lot of input from the communicator but not much output as a result of focusing on how much information I would like to share. Great communicators are great connectors.

Great leaders go beyond the process of just sharing information with the people they lead. They are interested in a dialogue, a conversation- a memorable connection.

Leadership in general is all about people. So, as a leader you have to ask yourself, “Is my message about me or about them?” It’s really easy to get caught up in our own world and what matters to us, but a great leader is a connector-connecting people and not leaving them behind the message.

You have to listen to feedback and work with another point of view.

Great leaders never call themselves experts or gurus. They are not here to impress. Great leaders are not self-absorbed. They want to communicate as a WE and not as a ME.

The number one question every person is asking of their leader is-Does he or she cares about me? A great leader never forgets that question.

As leaders, we must remember that it is our responsibility to ensure our communication adds value to others.

Ask the question of –“What can I do to engage others into a meaningful dialogue?”

Great leaders become effective communicators when they:

Describe where they going

There is nothing less motivating than a leader who can’t communicate where they going.  Great leaders must have a compass in their heart to where they want to go.  It can start with an idea or a picture you have in your mind.

 Persuade people to come along the ride

Great leaders cannot leave people behind them. Any worthwhile journey embraces a WE adventure. As a communicator, you must connect on the level that influences people to take action and persuade them the future is brighter. At this level, people want to know WHY they should be following you? WHY should they care?

Connect on a group and personal level

Great leaders are personal. They build from the group level up. They take the time and effort to build important relationships with people. Relationships are at the core level of great communication because people are looking for a leader they can trust and share their challenges in an open way.

A leader that can communicate maximizes their leadership potential. John C Maxwell.”

5 thoughts on “How great leaders communicate and connect

  1. I totally agree with you, Tal. I especially like your point: good communication creates a positivity that moves people into action. If we’ve been effective communicators, we don’t leave others feeling the same way…effective communication allows team members to feel enough passion and momentum to get on board.

  2. Great article and so true. Many of us are guilty of “delivering a message” without DELIVERING a message. If we do not take the time to know those around us, we cannot expect those around us to buy in to what we discuss. Making true connections instills value and confidence, which is what we should all want.

  3. Thank you, Tal, for the insightful leadership message. Engaging in relationships with those on the team is of paramount importance it seems. Talk with not over works wonders in connecting with “We the People.” ~ Nancy

  4. My latest experience with the group of leaders where the main director does not want to listen to them about their discontent. He has proposed a meeting with me and I have prepared for him some general questions that might be beneficial in discussion with his team. As I know nothing has happened and I think there are deeper reason why he and others avoid constructive discussion. A fear of trouble that might emerge in such situation and it is convenient to cover it. On the other site is a general opinion that they know how to communicate and the effective communication learning is pushed on secondary track. In some international countries is also a financial issue. I am aware that trough the deeper confidence in all perspectives they can overcome a lot and develop their natural potential.

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