Leaders engage the hearts and minds


When people are fully engaged, they deliver passionate performance, a valuable, sustained intellectual and emotional attachment to their daily work.As a leader, you’re the only person who can engage your employees. It’s not your manager’s responsibility or Human Resources’it’s yours.

Engaging the people in your organization is a leadership matter, not a company matter.

When you fulfill your employee’s needs, you create positive connection culture – connections between your employees and you, between their work and their purpose, and between each other.

These connections establish very valuable, intangible relationships that yield amazing tangible results.

The equation is very simple-engage employees’ hearts and watch their passion grow! When their passion grows, so is your competitive advantage.

 Leadership in the 21st century is all about engaging the hearts and minds of the people you lead.

The knowledge worker is ready to unleash their passion and purposeful performance in many organizations. We can have fun and add value with having the best in both worlds.

People need to be knowledgeable in their jobs and sharpen their skill as part of the on-going career development. However, what set people apart is their level of engagement and passion about what they do. Knowledge is not enough to inspire and engage people on your team.

Leadership matters and it’s the leaders who show that they respect, value and care about everyone in the organization who are able to achieve amazing results in their performance.

 Engaging the mind

Engaging people’ minds comes naturally for many leaders. The mind represents the intellectual aspects of people that are based on reason, logic, and cause and effect. This is where the leader is focusing on training and education.

Engaging the mind is a great starting point for developing employee performance. Great leaders speak with employees to find out what is on their minds.

Do they have ideas for improving the organization, or ways to promote a better working environment? What do they want to accomplish professionally?  As leaders, we all have to make sure we are offering learning and development opportunities on the job, and challenge to promote personal growth.

 Engaging the Heart

Engaging the heart can be more challenging for leaders than engaging the mind. It’s the softer side of leadership. It’s often harder to get your hands around.  Most traditional leadership development programs don’t really emphasize the skills necessary to engage employees’ hearts.

In addition, many organizations don’t necessarily reinforce these soft skills with their leaders. As a result, most leaders are less comfortable with this side of engagement.

Emotional engagement creates a competitive edge that is very difficult for your competitors to duplicate, so it’s worth learning to do it well.

The heart represents the emotional side of people that is based on connection and passion. It requires an art instead of the science of leadership that focuses on relationships and people. Engaging the heart creates energy. We live in a world driven by the emotional connections between people.

Your employees not only influence the views and behaviors of the customers they interact with, but create a huge multiplier of a negative or positive company’s  reputation.

 Question for you: How do You engage the hearts and minds of the people you lead on a daily basis?

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