Inviting feedback to your leadership growth


When was the last time you asked for honest feedback on your leadership from your team, those that serve under you and your superiors?

Leaders who never get and or accept honest feedback about their leadership are guaranteed to fail.

Inviting honest feedback when it comes to areas of possible growth is not always easy, but it helps makes you, a much better leader.

Inviting feedback requires humility. Great leaders can exercise the muscle of humility by recognizing there is room for growth.

By inviting feedback regularly, we are gaining trust, credibility and continue to build meaningful relationships. You have to ask yourself the humility question-“Do I want to be great? Or do I want to be seen as great?” The distinction here is really about your willingness to give up an illusionary positional power for your ability to be aware of areas of growth.

Some leaders fail because they never focus on getting better as people and leaders. It is important that you embrace feedback as your leadership growth policy. Embracing feedback from the people around you can feel awkward at first, but this is where trust comes in.

The people around you already stored some information about you in their head, could be positive and constructive, but the real credibility for any of us would be to ask for the feedback.

We are willing to face the music. We may not necessarily like what we hearing, but we have to listen very closely to what is being said. The level of maturity of your leadership depends on how you take any feedback and learn from it to become a better leader. Receiving feedback requires us to be vulnerable and humble enough to be quiet.

If you want to have more trust in your organization, it is necessary to get feedback from those you lead- engage your team to find out what you could do to lead them better.  If you model it, your team will follow.

You will be surprised with the direction and the long term benefits of embracing 360 degrees feedback. If you want to engage with your team and have a true dialogue, create a platform where they can be honest with you and you will be surprised how well they know you and what you can learn about yourself.

The first step to becoming a great leader is being aware of areas of possible growth. The second, seeing them as learning opportunities and not obstacles. Third, acting on them to make a positive change.

What are some of the ways to invite more feedback for our leadership growth?

  • Schedule regular one-on-one meetings
  • Invite feedback away from meetings
  • Hold town-hall meetings
  • Show employees they’re worth your time
  • Take a walk around the office

Successful leaders appreciate that perfection is not the goal of leadership. The best leaders know that leadership is a life-long learning process and they become lifelong students. These leaders recognize the importance of showing their human side to the rest of the organization. These type of leaders take the lead in inviting feedback, others will follow and do the same.

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