Culture Essentials for Uplifting Leaders!


What makes a company’s culture a vibrant place for creativity, passion, enthusiasm and inspiring purpose? How did you feel when you worked in a place where people felt energized and fully committed to excellence?

Leaders have a responsibility to create positive, enriching work environment to help their teams elevate their performance. 

I remember when I began my career in the hotel business, I joined the Hilton brand and was lucky to develop and grow in a positive working environment. We had a sense of community and managers cared for the people they supervised.

If I had to describe a feeling that I had at the time, it was a sense of caring with people that created an engaging workplace.

I felt energized and committed to help by giving 110% each and every time to elevate our performance.

So what did those managers and leaders do to create that type of culture?

What were some of the essentials that created such a positive energy around us?

First, they created a supportive and encouraging work place by providing us the opportunity to develop our talents and gifts.  The leaders took it upon themselves to assume responsibility to find ways to ensure others are constantly learning and developing.

We felt empowered to come up with creative ways to solve the challenges of the day. Our managers felt that the best way to come up with a solution, was to involve everyone contribution and move forward together.

Secondly, they created a culture that was very interactive and engaging. They worked on building relationships and a sense of inclusion into everything we did. I remember that we used to get together and talk about our families, whether someone got married recently or someone had a baby-everyone knew a little bit about each other.

Thirdly, they created a culture of trust and warmth by making everyone feel valued, respected and appreciated. Our managers taught us the most important rule about customer service-How you treat your employees will have a lasting impact on how you treat your customers.

Our managers made us feel like partners and not a subordinates. They made us feel there is an inspiring cause beyond everyone’s own ego. There was a sense where everyone interacted with the customer on a personable and memorable way just like how we were treated by our managers.

In addition, they always ensured to give constant feedback and took the time to get to know the needs and the expectations of each employee on the team. The only way to create trust is to listen and even admit mistakes or if they did not have all the answers to find out how they can help someone.

They had a learning mindset that enabled them to feel trusted through meaningful dialogue.

Lastly, they had the ability to show genuine appreciation and encouragement for the people they lead. We felt valued and respected for our contributions. These managers took the time to recognize everyone’s positive efforts into the company overall success.

When we received positive customer feedback, they knew how to take the time and get the team together to celebrate the small victories toward success. It was meaningful and inspiring to hear from every manager.

When we had our morning meetings, there was always someone there to read and share a positive comment or feedback about one of our employees. It energized everyone to be the next person to be recognized and appreciated.

What makes your company culture come alive?  How are you uplifting the people you lead?




2 thoughts on “Culture Essentials for Uplifting Leaders!

  1. It takes an engaged and fulfilled workforce to deliver an amazing customer experience. This starts with the culture, which is defined by leadership. If you get that right, it’s felt on the outside by the customer.

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