Is your Leadership worth Five Stars?


I have been working in the hotel business for almost 20 years. Our industry has gone through the ups and down of economic instability like most sectors. But one thing that has not changed and continues to be a priority is- Customer Service. Not just any customer service, but five star level of customer service.

Customer Service feedback is the ultimate measurement of whether your business will thrive and compete in the market. Business leaders understand that what separates the best from the rest is memorable customer service.

In the customer service industry, we are judged by on-going customer ratings and feedback. From the moment they make the reservations to finalizing their check out at the front desk.

Our goal is to create the Five Star level of experience to our customers each and every time. We want them to walk away with wonderful memorable moments. Those moments are priceless for the customer. The only value that stays is the impression in their heart.

Now, ask yourself as a leader, how I can create memorable experiences for my team and the people I lead every day? Am I working on my Five Star level of leadership service?

After all, leadership is about serving others. Don’t we want people to go home and feel energized and inspired to come back tomorrow? If you are a great leader, you know this is part of the culture we work so hard to set ourselves apart from the competition.

Your culture is cultivated on the inside of the organization. How your employees relate to the customers is the brand experience. services_5star

So how do we elevate that experience for our teams? Here are some suggestions to create a Five Star Leadership experience:

Get to know the people you lead-As leaders, we need to take the time to know and be curious about the people around us. I mean, how else do we relate and connect with someone one without knowing who they are?

Without knowing their personal aspirations and background? This is a great opportunity to connect, reach out and also share a little bit about you.

Acts of Kindness-Customers love small acts of kindness. Something they really didn’t expect. What about our employees? Ever thought about doing something out of the ordinary to show gratitude and kindness today?

Small gestures such as bringing someone their favorite coffee in the morning or just a small card with a personal note will make their day memorable that you as a leader took the time to remember them.

Take the time to really listen and care-Customers love to be listened to and cared for. They have a human need to be appreciated and want to be heard. Well, so are you employees. Their voice matters and you better carve out sometime of your day to spend the time with them.

Our success is their success in a nutshell. Are you paying attention to your team or it all about you? Do we really go out of our way to take care of their needs and concerns?

Leadership is about having the courage to show your human side not just saying the words engagement and culture but actually living the promise of your leadership vision.

Our leadership in a way is based on the “reviews” of our employees. How we take care of them on a daily basis will set the tone for your brand and customers loyalty.

Will your employees give you Five Stars for your leadership? Will your employees have a memorable story to share?




2 thoughts on “Is your Leadership worth Five Stars?

  1. Love blogs like these. So real with such a basic human message. I will say it now and say it again: We in business have much to learn about leadership and genuine acts of kindness from the hospitality industry! Thanks Tal

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