Leading together helps everybody win!


Leadership is a team sport. The days of the all-powerful, know it all, single leader are over. Leadership has evolved into what I call, Shared-Leadership in almost every area of our lives: businesses, communities, schools and even our own families. People share responsibilities to lead where they are with whatever they can.

Within my own day to day personal leadership, I sense that collaboration can be a driving force and a multiplier of positive engagement that goes beyond a single genius.

When we started the year, our hotel needed to adjust to a new metric system of measuring customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry has become more competitive than ever before. With economic growth in Asia and the Middle East, more and more hotel brands are landing new hotels everywhere they can thrive.

The top hotel brands in the world are competing on customer experiences. The competitive advantage became how the customer felt emotionally and whether you are able to create raving fans.

Our Brand saw a trend they wanted to measure in lieu of ever-changing customer preferences of their experiences with hotels.  The brand wanted to capture what the top satisfaction customers are saying. Social media was another avenue to capitalize on customer real time reviews as more and more people are engaged in mobile devices quickly to rate your establishment and service.

It took my team several months to adjust to the new ways of measuring our efforts and ability to deliver great customer service. We needed to adjust and work harder than ever to connect with our customers. The pressure was on but I knew we had the team to work through these changes.

Each person on the team needed to elevate their service game beyond what they could ever imagined. Customer Service Training only goes so far to give you the tools and resources, but it was the moment of truth to execute and execute better than last year.

As part of the leadership working with these individuals, I have to say, it took an entire team to elevate our scores into new heights. In a way, it what a collaborative leadership at its best.

So, I wanted to share with you some lessons learned from this experience:

Give people the opportunity to shine

I believe in people. I believe they can do more than what sometimes we think they can do. I find out that people have a sense of willingness to come in to work in order to help and make a positive contribution. They want to succeed. As a leader, you have to help them achieve those desires.

Communicate, communicate and communicate more

People want to know and “be in the know” of what’s going on in their company. The worst thing a leader can do is not to communicate regularly. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is how well you communicated on any given topic. When there is confusion or misunderstanding, people’s energies are sapped and they become unmotivated.

Enable people to be part of the brand dialogue

People want to be part of the new and innovative ways a brand is taking in the market place. As a leader, you have to create the brand narrative with them. Let them be part of the chatter, the conversation about the customer experience. What do they think? What can they do to help?

As leaders, we have the responsibility to lead our team. Once that responsibility is on us, we have to figure out how to share people’s talents and strengths into the company, community or family vision. No one succeeds alone and the leaders who understand that, put the success of their people first.





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