Becoming a purpose-driven Leader

435219350_640What separates the best leaders from the rest? What do they have that trumps up their success? Is it knowledge? Motivation? Money?

Great leadership begins on the inside of every person. It begins with discovering our life’s purpose!

Legendary coach and vitality expert Richard Leider defines purpose “ that deepest dimension within us that tells us who we are, where we came from, why we’re here, and where we’re going.”

If you are not fired up and energized about something you deeply care about, then most likely people will not follow.

That fire and passion in you is the power that will elevate the world into a better place. When a leader has a compelling purpose, the people around him want to become part of the inspiring mission to change lives.

Leaders who are purpose-driven are on a lifelong quest to be connected with something larger than their own life.

Bill Gates did not start Microsoft to become the richest man in the world. He saw the potential of personal computers to transform the lives of many people. He was determined to create a software that would make them useful for every person in the world.

He followed his passion and purpose and in the process became the richest man in the world. That was the outcome not the goal. His purpose was to change how we live.

Steve Job’s vision was not to make a load of money and retire rich one day. Steve Job’s purpose was to help people unleash their creativity. He wanted to enrich people’s lives.

He was passionate and had a purpose to enrich people’s lives through the products that Apple created.

He wanted people to be connected to an experience, whether it was a phone or a computer. When we live on purpose we make decisions and choices to live a life of legacy.

In the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins surveying several companies in different industries, he makes the case that Level 5 leaders were building teams around a common vision and purpose.  These companies went beyond the purpose of making money and meeting the shareholders expectations.

They found a higher calling and purpose by changing the world through their services and contribution. Purpose was more important that profits.

Happiness at work illustrates that personal job satisfaction is closely linked to feeling like we are part to a higher purpose, or that we’re doing something that we really believe in.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of and author of “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose. Says that, “When people do something that actually contributes to a higher purpose that they really believe in, that actually – research has shown that actually is the longest lasting type of happiness.”

So how can you become a purpose-driven leader? Here are couple of suggestion:

Purpose is on the inside-Connect with your heart first and be authentic about what is it that you want to help people about? It doesn’t have to be a big cause. When you have a clear purpose, you can articulate it to others with fire and passion. You feel good and energized about who you are as human being.

Choose a purpose that is bigger than yourself-Having a purpose that can be compelling and encourage participation on the part of the followers is something that Jeff Bezos, the founder of says, “Choose a mission that is bigger than the company.”

Create Value for people-Great leaders have something in common .They focus on adding value to whatever their passion and purpose is. When you can add value to people’s lives whether it’s a product or service, their lives becomes more meaningful and in some respect better than they were yesterday.

Nothing is ever the same once you tap into your life’s purpose and your leadership calling.  You begin to sense higher positivity and energy that you maybe thought did not exist in you. Life becomes truly fulfilling and rewarding.



5 thoughts on “Becoming a purpose-driven Leader

  1. I feel that the section on creating value for people is the most important aspect of this article. Great leaders are those who inspire and motivate others, but to become that leader you must create a sense of value. All leaders should strive to become purpose driven and this article represents that well.

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