Why every leader needs to be a change catalyst?


Change is a hot topic of a conversation now a days. Everybody wants it. Few actually achieve it. So why only the few achieve it? What’s the hold up?

Most people want to become part of change, but usually waiting on someone else to initiate the first step in order to make change happen from where they are at. Continue reading


Your life is your message. Three ways to make your leadership inspiring!


In my early 30’s I needed to change the direction of life.  I went through several years in my late twenties without having a real compass of authentic leadership. I needed to reflect deeply on my career, relationships and my personality. My life changed for the better the day I accepted full responsibility for everything that happened to me. Good or bad- It was on me.

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Five ways leaders can win friends and influence people


Dale Carnegie’s classic book, “How to win friends and influence people” came out in originally in 1937, but remains very significant in how leaders lead today.  Carnegie’s wisdom has remained relevant for generations because he shares timeless principals about the fine art of relating to people with the ability to influence others and successfully navigate any social situation. Continue reading