Why every leader needs to be a change catalyst?


Change is a hot topic of a conversation now a days. Everybody wants it. Few actually achieve it. So why only the few achieve it? What’s the hold up?

Most people want to become part of change, but usually waiting on someone else to initiate the first step in order to make change happen from where they are at.

Leadership in the 21st century will require leaders to foster the ability to continuously lead people through positive change. In addition, leaders will be judged on how well they are anticipating the unexpected before circumstances force their hand.

As a leader, you must take responsibility to create positive change to drive positive results under your watch. Your job as a leader is to improve and create momentum toward a lasting change that inspires the people around you to follow a worthwhile cause.

So why every leader needs to be a change catalyst wherever they are? Great leaders not only want change but model the way to change. Here is how:

Great Leaders are not comfortable with the status quoIf you are a leader, you are always looking to improve and get better. Your life is about developing and growing, not only yourself but the people you lead. You simply have the hunger to raise the bar and lead your team to a better tomorrow. Great leaders not only say they want to be the best but challenge the status quo in order to move beyond the comfortable and safe waters.

Great Leaders lead change by their own exampleJohn Maxwell, a leadership speaker and author said it best when he said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” The mark of a great leader is not what they say but what they do, what they are modeling through their actions. People don’t always hear what you say, but they will always see what you do.

Great leaders are part of the solution, not part of the problem-If you want to become a great leader, you have to own the problem and move forward to become part of the solution by shifting away from blame and toxic behavior. No one wants to be around a complainer. More importantly, if you are not willing to take the share of criticism and feedback, you are passing the buck on your leadership.

People want to follow someone that owns the problem and admits mistakes when they happen. When you are busy making excuses, you simply saying that you are not willing to learn and embrace change.

Great Leaders have a sense of urgencyGreat leaders don’t just wait for things to happen. They make things happen. They are not stuck in the safe zone. They are willing to take risks and shake things up to get the ship moving. At this point, they are tired of hearing the finger pointing, the excuses and other toxic like behaviors at their organization.

Great Leaders are not stuck in corporate bureaucracy- There is nothing more disheartening to see a leader who is stuck waiting on a corporate initiative to drive change. The realities of any business happen on the front lines.

The relationships with customers and employees should not be part of the ivory tower mindset, waiting for new policies and memos to change the current realities. Great leaders take action today, not tomorrow to make a difference.

I want to hear from you as well. What suggestion do you have to become a change catalyst leader?

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