How to take action today! (even if you are not motivated)


Your life doesn’t just “happen.” Is there something you always wanted to do but felt like you didn’t have the time? What would it take for you to take action today without holding back on your goals and dreams?

So here are five strategies to kick start your initiatives into the things you always wanted to do, but remember what you make of life is up to you. Every person creates their reality. So think about those small choices you make on a daily basis.

Strategy #1-Remove Distractions

Distractions happen to us every day. We have Emails, Texts, Social Media, and phone calls and not to mention multi-tasking. Now all of these are part of our day, but the trick is knowing how to manage them more effectively. Although, we sometimes can’t control when we are getting all these messages, what we can control is how we manage our time and prioritize these based on their importance.

Strategy #2-Write down what’s in the way

We all have our own internal challenges that’s holding us back from taking action right now! Be honest with yourself and take about 5 minutes to journal what’s in your way.  Are you not attempting to start because you are not sure how to do it? Are you afraid because it’s beyond your comfort level? The key here is to learn the lack of initiative more clearly.

Strategy #3-Welcome Failure

Many of us are afraid to take action because of the unknown. Instead of focusing on potential failure, consider every step as learning step closer to your goals.  Mistakes and challenges never stopped anyone. In fact, sometimes it gives motivation to come back and try again.

Strategy #4-Create mini goals

In order to accomplish something and taking action today, remember you don’t have to start big. Create small wins that’s easy to complete and jumpstart your day. Sometimes it’s not about quantity but quality. So begin with a small goal and work your way up.

Strategy #5-Don’t forget to reflect and appreciate your efforts

Always keep yourself pumped and don’t be so hard on yourself. When you got something done, remember to celebrate and appreciate the efforts you made. Then reflect wisely on how it went, what you need to learn and adjust accordingly.

How about you? What are you strategies to taking action? What has been working for you?

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