Three Questions to help you focus on your goals!


Goal setting in every area of your life creates momentum and focus to raise the bar even higher. Your ability to clearly and systematically create goals, and to make plans for their accomplishment, will help you to achieve success for the long run.

Goal setting is not complicated. It begins with a pad of paper, a pen, and you.

Writing your goals down can jumpstart your life, sometimes in unexpected ways. As business speaker Zig Ziglar says, ‘Written goals transform you from a wandering generality into a meaningful specific.’’

So what do we need to get started? I suggest three critical questions to help you FOCUS and be really clear about setting your goals today: so grab your yellow notepad and think about these….

Question #1 What do you really want?

These are the WHAT- tangible, measurable things that you want to accomplish in your life, your business and relationships. But you have to be really clear here. Don’t focus on what you DON’T want. Articulate and have the courage to say what YOU want! Even if it sounds corky or weird. These have to be tangible and achievable.  Think of yourself as a world athlete-imagine what it would it be like if you didn’t know what goal you want to achieve? Be specific!

Question #2WHY do you want to achieve your goals?

These questions will help you focus more on your purpose in your life. They are your true FOCUS. These WHYs are the fuel tank to your inspiring goals! Many people become so involved with their work and career that they lose focus of WHY they started in the first place. They get the priorities upside down and as a result life gets out of balance and overwhelming.  Dig deeper and write down WHY you want your goals.

Question #3HOW do you achieve your goals?

These are the strategies and steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. These can take up some of your time as you may need to consult and figure out clear strategies with the people that matter in your life. You can’t do it alone and other people’s advice can help you generate momentum toward actions steps you can take today.

Fewer than 3 percent of people have clear, written goals, and they are usually the most successful in every field. Less than one percent of people rewrite and review their goals on a regular basis. Where do you want to be?

Brian Tracy reminds us that, “The most common time waster and biggest obstacle to success in life is losing sight of what you are trying to accomplish, or forgetting what you set out to do.”


2 thoughts on “Three Questions to help you focus on your goals!

  1. Tal,
    Excellent post and your three guiding questions helped so much as I worked through this exercise! I now have clear, written goals and am committed to reviewing these and adjusting/refining them as I move forward. Thanks so much for helping to spur me forward!!

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