Work-life Balance: The Winning Strategy of your Leadership Marathon

Flying without a Helicopter Book Cover final

Imagine you are running a marathon and you just passed the “24 mile” marker.  You’ve paced yourself to make it this far.  You’re exhausted and your body is reaching its limits but you psych yourself up to make it through the last two miles.  Then you hear an announcement that the marathon has been extended another five miles.  Sound familiar?  It should because this is the life of a corporate employee these days—work yourself to the bone then do some more. Continue reading


Three ways you can drive a service culture like a CEO


Working in the hotel business for almost 18 years both as a customer service trainer and manager, exposed me to great CEOs and leaders of powerful hospitality brands. I learned some important lessons throughout my journey that taught me a lot about creating and driving a service culture for any hospitality business. Continue reading

Three ways to better customer service experience!



If you want your business to thrive and create more customer loyalty, you might want to think about the total customer experience your company is offering. Is the customer being engaged in every touch-point? Does the customer walks away like a raving fan? Will your customers spread the word about your service? Continue reading

Leadership lessons you can learn from excellent customer service!


Recently we had a manufacturing business gathering at our hotel for a big training conference that would enlist more customers for years to come. The hotel team was laser-focused on exceeding the client expectations from audio visual requirements, registration support and creating memorable service in every customer touch-point. We went the extra mile to show case our level of service by building new relationships.

Who decides if your company’s products and customer service is superior to another company? The customer! Who decides if a company leader is providing great service to their followers? The answer is likely to be the same-“the customer”, the employees and managers who follow.

Continue reading

Are you working on level 10 success?


Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with two managers that work at the Deli Department at a local Kroger store. We talked about personal development and leadership growth. The managers shared their personal growth stories and how they try to add value to their organization every day.  From sharing and listening to their stories, I thought about how we can become the best version of ourselves. Continue reading