Three ways to better customer service experience!



If you want your business to thrive and create more customer loyalty, you might want to think about the total customer experience your company is offering. Is the customer being engaged in every touch-point? Does the customer walks away like a raving fan? Will your customers spread the word about your service?

Consistently delivering positive experiences establishes long lasting relationships with your customers.

Strong relationships help create growth and profits not only for providing excellent service but ensuring the customer is happy throughout the experience. The ROI on a happy customer is the result of a powerful brand.

I was just speaking this week to several Platinum Elite Marriott Rewards members about their experiences with the Marriott brand.  These customers are road warriors and travel about 80% of the year and stay within the brand because of the consistent level of customer service.

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur and a “Chief Customer Experience Officer” in your organization-I wanted to share some best practices you can implement with your customers every day. What do you have to lose? In fact, you will gain more customers and increase your profits.

The customers I talked to spend quite a bit of their time and money traveling from hotel to hotel, but what they remember most is the experiences the brand provided. The quality of your customer experience will differentiate you in the market place and your competition.

Strategy #1-Understand their needs, wants and preferences at every touch point

Customer service is a journey not a destination. Your customers may go from point A to point B, but in between is where the experience is valuable. In order to master the journey of your customers, you need to understand their needs, wants and their own preferences about your product or service. My personal experience with this strategy is congruent with how we take care of our guests at the hotel. We honor and ensure their needs, wants and preferences are not only met but exceeded.

Strategy #2-Create added value by delighting your customers

Here is the thing! Average and mediocre service never made anyone rich. Every company wants a level 10 customer service, but what are you doing to create a level 10 service in your business? Are you going the extra mile? Are you actually delighting your customers at every touch point? Customers now adays are telling us that in order to compete, we need to create powerful memories. If your customer is not raving about you, then you are just average.

Strategy # 3- Learn from your customer feedback, they will improve your business

Customers don’t actually “run” your business but their decisions to continue the impact your company for years to come. Customer feedback and dialogue can create a powerful brand. If you are not listening to your customers, someone else will and take them away from you very quickly. Your ability to empathize and understand their point of view will create more value for you in the long run.

With more and more social engagement, you can learn about your customer’s feedback very quickly. You can respond and create solutions to your customers literally in a few minutes. There used to be a time, when you would have to wait for almost 5 to 10 business days to get customer feedback. Now, you can respond with quick follow up to ensure your customers are heard and valued.

What would be your top three best practices for customer service experience? I would love to learn from you.

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