Why we need more Grateful Leaders?


Let me ask you couple of questions:  When was the last time someone acknowledged your efforts and contribution? When was the last time you personally acknowledged someone and communicated it to them in a heartfelt way? Continue reading


How CEOs crank up their culture of excellence?


A few days ago, I met a customer who is very loyal to the Marriott brand of hotels. They took the time to actually find me and share their observations right away, “I can’t tell you how wonderful your staff is. They are very personable and made a positive impression on my family during our stay! We had breakfast every morning in your restaurant and love your team.” Continue reading

Three questions to ignite your leadership purpose!


As I meet new managers and leaders, they are very task-focused and bottom-line oriented. They often complain that their team is stuck and the company culture is not a healthy one. They share communication challenges and lack of accountability across the organization.  Some are very quick to point the finger at another manager and fail to realize where the solution resides. Continue reading