Casting a compelling vision-The key to building your customer service brand!


Casting vision is one of my favorite things to do as a leader.  As we sat down and articulated our goals for the New Year, we needed to think about a compelling vision for 2015. Great leaders cast a vision for their organization. Whether you are leading a department or a big division in your business, your employees want to know where they are heading and why they should follow your vision as a leader.

After all, how can anyone reach their goals if they are not really crystal clear on what success looks like?

Almost every business has customers. Whether internal or external, you are still serving someone as a customer or client in your company. So why casting a compelling vision is so important to create a company of service excellence?  Let’s face it. Nearly every company seems to have a “vision” statement, which, in most cases, is largely forgotten.

Without casting a vision, your employees and customers will not know why you are in business. They will not know why you exist as a business.

Every business begins with an idea. Entrepreneurs study the market place for new ideas and the needs of the customer. Whether it’s a new product or service, the customer is at the heart of a successful new adventure.

Delivering world-class customer experience starts with clearly defining what excellent customer service looks like. This is often referred to as a customer service vision, and without it you can’t give your employees clear direction to serve thy customer.

Leaders must do three things to create a strong foundation of excellent customer service in their organization: Define success, set goals and measure success against those goals.

Along these I would suggest a compelling vision statement to help people rally toward a common purpose.

There are three hallmarks of a strong customer service vision for a company, team, or individual:


  1. The vision is clear and easily understood by everyone.
  2. It describes the type of experience we want our customers and clients to have with us.
  3. It reflects both who we are now and who we want to be in the future.

Clarity around a vision is imperative. As the communicator, you have to be very clear so that everyone in your organization can see the vision without any confusion or hesitation. This is why writing the vision is also imperative. It allows you to return and review with your team when necessary. When the vision is clear to you, you are more able to clearly communicate it to others.

The next step is where leadership really takes place in your organization. You need to develop a platform for storytelling and share examples of success. Compelling vision is not enough to rally your “troops” toward excellent customer experience.

Storytelling can be an effective way to remind your employees of the company’s purpose and to reinforce the purpose in their day-to-day engagement with customers. Every Friday, we share stories of employees who have gone above and beyond to express our gratitude of heroic customer service.

These stories are real and inspiring to know we are heading the right direction and continue to raise the bar on customer service. These stories can connect to your vision by knowing whether you are delivering on what you promised. Are we living our vision and purpose? What are the customers telling us?

So be thinking about a compelling vision today. Not for the sake of creating one, but really living it every day with your employees and customers. 

If you like a coaching session to help you create a compelling customer service vision, feel free to contact me at


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