Ten Commandments of Great Customer Experience


Excellent customer experience must be at the core of our business if we want to stand above the crowd. If you want your business to grow and prosper, you must create a customer experience that’s unique and memorable to everyone who does business with your company.

Customers today have more options than any other time. From the smallest interactions to the most memorable experiences, customers make decisions on where to spend their money and time with. When you provide your customers enough reasons to do business with you, they become your true brand ambassadors.

But what makes a great customer experience? What would be the universal laws that can be applied to almost every business who has a customer?

I thought about ten universal laws such as the Ten Commandments that would be unbreakable for any business who wants to win customers for life. Without them, we would not and could not exist in any business. When you exceed your customer’s expectations, they are not only helping us grow by continuing to do business with us, but recommending your business to friends and other companies.

The Ten Commandments of  Great Customer Experience:

  1. Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job. Everyone in the company serves the customer. Even those employees who do not deal directly with customers serve the customer by providing assistance and resources to those employees who do deal directly with the customer.
  2. Welcome and greet your customers. Too often business take for granted the first contact with the customer. First impressions are lasting impressions. Every customer deserves to be welcome and acknowledged when they are interacting with your employees.
  3. Remember their name. Customers love the sound of their names. It makes them feel important and care for. Such a simple act that means so much, remembering a customer’s name can make the world of difference in your customer experience. If you really want to hit a home run – remember the name of the customer’s spouse, kids, pets or favorite sports team.
  4. Show genuine connection. The customer service experience should be a true “people” connection that thrives on human connections. It is a genuine, authentic conversation with all your customers by making them feel as they are most important person in the room.
  5. Find ways to Surprise and Delight Them. Great customer service experience is memorable. If your employees went above and beyond by creating a memorable experiences, the customers will tell the stories hundred times over. This act of surprise and delight shows you are really tuned into your customer’s heart and that your top priority is to serve them in the best way you can.
  6. Give your customers your full attention. A customer is not an interruption of our business. A customer is why we are in business in the first place. When engaging with a customer, give the customer your undivided attention. Show the customer that the customer is your number one priority.
  7. Thank them for their business and relationship. Don’t forget to say thank you as often as possible. Always be sincere and genuine in giving your appreciation. Do it in a positive, not a robotic way!
  8. Listen to them. Take the time to really listen to the customer needs by asking questions and focusing on what the customer really want. Listen to their words, tone of voice, body language, and most importantly, how they feel. Effective listening and understanding can build trust and foster healthy relationships.
  9. Anticipate their needs. Customers want to feel comfortable and have hassle-free experience with your business and products. One way to do that is by anticipating and identifying their needs and preferences. It communicates that you took the time to personalize their experience based on their priorities.
  10. Don’t forget to apologize when things go wrong. Know how to apologize. When something goes wrong, offer a sincere heartfelt apology. The customer may not always be right, but the customer must always feel heard and acknowledged. Value their concerns. As much as we dislike it, it gives us an opportunity to improve and learn to be the best.

Making your customer experience memorable is not difficult, but it takes extra effort and genuine heart from your employees. When your team understands the importance of customer retention and loyalty, they may work harder to give their customers an experience they are not likely to forget.

2 thoughts on “Ten Commandments of Great Customer Experience

  1. Tal, these are all great pointers and truly well-thought and accurate details of how a customer and customer service oriented individual perceives the engagement in any business. I enjoyed the quick read and hope you provide more insight for those who desire it. I see a reflection of my own values here and also a few reminders to work on from time-to-time.

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