Three ways to surprise and delight your customers

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Mr. Snowden arrived at the hotel at about 2pm, but his room was not ready. He came over with his son to “Staycation” for Spring Break at our hotel. One of the main attraction was our indoor pool and other family type activities going on at the hotel.

While the room was not ready, I thought about creating a moment of surprise and delight. First, I picked a really nice suite upgrade on our executive floor that features our concierge club lounge. Secondly, since the room was not ready yet, I offered lunch at our restaurant while our housekeeping team expediting their cleaning service to accommodate our guest.

Mr. Snowden did not expect the moment of surprise and delight. He son was ecstatic and could not wait to grab a bite at our restaurant. I asked them, what kind of food they like. They said hamburgers and told me about a favorite restaurant they love to eat. I replied and said, “Oh you have to try our R-Burger Sandwich!”

After about 20 minutes, I came by to check on them and gave them the keys to their suite. They raved about the R Burger and said it was even better than their favorite place they usually go to. I was so excited to know that they enjoyed their lunch and we created a moment of delight for our guests.

Creating a surprise and delight doesn’t take a genius. I can tell you, I am far from being one! But it takes a “can do” attitude to go beyond the standards of service to the next level of customer experience. I must say that it does require a little bit of creativity to use all of your senses to create a memorable connection with the customer. When those moments happen, you have a customer for life.

Most companies strive to satisfy their customers. But is customer satisfaction a worthy goal? I think satisfaction is the bare minimum of what a customer should get as part of their shopping experience.

Providing a consistent memorable customer experience requires creativity and empowerment.

So, let me share with you a few of these “tricks” of the trade to surprise and delight your customers every day:

Personalize the customer experience

Often times, we assume that all customers are alike. The truth is that everyone has their own likes and dislikes about your products and services. As a customer experience ambassador, you want to get to know your customers on a personal level, so you can create a special experience for them. Because once you know more about them, the more you are able to connect with them emotionally.

Go beyond satisfaction

Satisfaction is not enough. You have to go beyond the standards of expected customer service. If you only meet your customer expectations, someone else is already winning them over. You need to strive and continuously thinking of ways to exceed their expectations beyond satisfaction by creating moments of delights.

Find out their Special Occasions

Customers love when someone remember their Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special days. Many of our customers come to stay at our hotel to celebrate those wonderful experiences. These are the best opportunities to get creative and make a memorable experience for them and their families.

Companies that seize these surprise and delight moments benefit from excellent customer service. They win customer for life and empower their employees to have fun and be innovative through great service.

What else would you recommend do you create moments of surprise and delight with your customers?

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